‘Are We Having Fun Yet?’ & ‘What the Land Owes the Sea’ by Kerriann Curtis


Are We Having Fun Yet?

On the third Thursday of each month I cart around foxes in my berry basket. When no one is looking I eat unfamiliar mushrooms to evoke familiar feelings I haven’t felt since I was a small child. I’m no Alice, but falling into rabbit holes and chasing strangers gives me an adrenaline rush akin to hearing I love you from your mother on a Sunday morning over pancakes and orange juice, no pulp. I awake on Friday to find I’m the size of a pea, so I crawl through the tiny hole in the wall by my bed and wash my feet in the tears of the female mice that occupy space hidden by size and naiveté. They teach me to be wary of four legged animals with long, whipping tails and in return I teach them to be weary of stealthy male mice with insatiable appetites. Not all women are meant to be mothers I sing on my soapbox, but the Gregorian chants that are broadcast over the airwaves are louder, and people are more willing to believe a group of men over one woman who cries. Powdering my nose in the reflection of my axe, I advise a balloon on proper floating techniques while trying to convince the hen to tell the truth about the rooster. After all, you can’t steal the eggs when dawn breaks if the hen is dead.

What the Land Owes the Sea

A mass extinction is in full swing and Angel-headed songbirds sing anthems of carnage. Pick sides in the fight for survival, Art and Science are our only gods. Love affairs with secret societies appeal to the great natural disaster while our hero has doubts and is often reticent. He tries to seek everything within and nothing from outside but comes up empty, and short 10 bucks on rent this month. His landlord is his arch-nemesis and ex-wife. Once upon a time they were happy until they sought meaning in a theatre and realized happiness is a lie. Understanding and honesty are the scary kids on the playground until you get to know them.

Kerriann Curtis is an artist and poet based in Queen Creek, Arizona. She is also the Co-founder and editor at Wordkrapht and a serialized writer at Channillo.

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