“Empty” by David Bassano


You have a photograph of your ex before you were married, when you were still in love, of your first Easter together in the old miller’s house you rented in the country. In the photograph, your friends are laughing together in the kitchen while your ex makes scrambled eggs and kielbasa on the stove. That life is gone now, and you live in another state with another spouse. Everything in the photograph ended. Your ex probably doesn’t remember that morning; without the photograph, you’d have forgotten it, too.  It all felt so true and happy at the time, and now feels unreal, like someone else’s story. And it might occur to you in vulnerable moments, when you’re alone at twilight, that the present day can’t be any more real than the one in the photograph, and will become as unreal as that Easter morning, and eventually there will be no one left who remembers it, no matter how much you try to believe in it.

David Bassano is a History professor at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey. He is a human rights activist, an author of academic and literary works, and an avid hiker and cyclist. Trevelyan’s Wager, published by Harvard Square Editions, is his first novel. You may learn more about him and his work at: https://www.facebook.com/davidbassanoauthor/

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