Three Poems by Moinak Dutta


Last mermaid

She had been the last mermaid
She told me,
I did not believe her words,
Inebriated I must be,
Or she,

But then she had eyes emerald green
And she held me tight, like a seahorse,
My mane she tied by her ribbon red,
And into my ears she sang a lullaby,

Before I slept, she showed me how
In the depth of the ocean
Pearls are always kept under wraps of shells,
And how starfish always take rest on rocks.

A black gel pen

It was like an intricate doodle
Done by a simple black sharp pointed pen,
Having two distinct parts,
On the upper part
There were those musicians with shehnai and other musical instruments
They were surely creating a happy festive song,
On the lower part,
Before the fire sat the bride and the groom,
On their both sides had been their relatives,
Priests and brahmins,

And she wrote at one end of the sketchbook
‘ missing that black gel pen for ages,
Can someone lend me one?’

Letter from her

After twenty eight days and seven hours
Of her last call,
Received a letter from her,
She had reached a port town,
The weather there had been lovely,

All the day she spends watching seagulls
And in the evening she sits on the deck
And watches the sun coming to bathe naked
Like a child,

At night she becomes the mossy land
And dreams of horses and lambs grazing quiet.

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