‘Kamila’ and ‘Donatella’ by Lenore S. Beadsman



A Sonnet to the Siren Kamila

Messy brown hair, long scarf, ticklish

Slurped up by a constraint of the mellow but punishable straw
Would make it all the more tangible for her height to see over each
Of those who can be pleasing to the remains for each of them to
Hover over the menial of the context to refrain with what is a law
Which predicts how those are the moreover than never to feel a reach
Can move the monumental for the syrupy was another consistent few

This has overtaken the marched along the rather patterned for her hair
Was a strictly gamey attempt to have those believe a redundant stop
Was planned to hover like a scripted eagle right out of the smooth patch
Was another grounded status with who was afraid to overtake her lair
With a votive motive there was no other than a leaking part of a plop
From her scarf to her shoes there was never a moment over a ticklish match

A Sonnet to the Siren Donatella

Green lips, long white pearl necklace, catty

Absolute blood was amazing to see with just glittery hype
With her lips astounding the graceful not mostly to counter out
The lackluster paving was most to gather the steaming of either
Could she have to result in the nearly temperate alongside a swipe
Was the matter to convince her of the other resounded partly a lout
Could have assailed her inside the dormant trudged alongside neither

Who was the victimized challenge to neither be a blessed not outside
The rather rampant outrage was the deed to construct a fuller sense
Who should have to be her stigma of the rounding of the mutual bliss
Was a fragile teaming with a careless chain of pearls there was no hide
That instructs the listless contained elements are a richness of dense
Whomever was the chatty putrid confused ailment is her bumped wish

Lenore S. Beadsman lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She is an accountant by day.
She sincerely believes that the Truth lies in Great Literature and Great Music.
She has written three cycles of Sonnets; Witch, Goddess and Siren. A number of
these have been published online and in print. She is currently working on a cycle
of Mermaid Sonnets.

When not writing Lenore enjoys driving fast cars (a la Danica Patrick) and listening
to the music of Mozart.

Twitter: @BeadsmanS

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