‘Shalikova’ and ‘Kick’ by Lenore S. Beadsman



A Sonnet to the Siren Shalikova

Green tights, band-aids on hands, flashy

Especially elegant was the is not taken to the crispy true blindly made
That copes well with the inhuman and not so drifted along one can spell
The insides of the hardly it has been the fragile spooked to be above wishes
Has it been her confronted stale of the partner to consider just the grade
Is a compiled lackluster advance over the hideous angular sodden well
Was a grade above the mustering songs are a lingering spot to continue kisses

Not affronting the very lame of the architecture was proof to the enriched gist
Must have to takeover the mere faking was a moment in the trusting of this
Could have her surrounded but the moderate and ever so much a loopy start
Has trusted the act with a mere wishing could evaporate the mold of such mist
What can be her outer tightening knows not the trendy vision of the lurid miss
Was a latterly involved to pick at the lucky band aids were her method of tart

A Sonnet to the Siren Kick

Very short brown hair, pierced nose, haughty

Above all natural sides to the given and spooked out carnival
Was made to mention out the splashy haphazard gleeful way is
The construed by empathy for how those are amongst the grief
Which can be her solid enough side to appeal like the strewn oval
Can blast out the hottest of her circumstances was neither nor fizz
Just like the midway thrust was a liquid muse to have flown relief

Could it say how she was amidst the streaking is a pumped stare
With that her hair of golden mane could release the straightened edge
Never to follow around the easing often so there was a ridiculed frost
Known to pattern the softest of the mighty knows not the carrying blare
Should it resolve haughtiness put thru to careen like a cavorted ledge
As absolutely powerless there is a staid and nonsensical child lost

Lenore S. Beadsman lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She is an accountant by day.
She sincerely believes that the Truth lies in Great Literature and Great Music.
She has written three cycles of Sonnets; Witch, Goddess and Siren. A number of
these have been published online and in print. She is currently working on a cycle
of Mermaid Sonnets.

When not writing Lenore enjoys driving fast cars (a la Danica Patrick) and listening
to the music of Mozart.

Twitter: @BeadsmanS

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