‘Allie’ and ‘Valeria’ by Lenore S. Beardsman

The song of the Sirens - El canto de las Sirenas |

A Sonnet to the Mermaid Allie

A large Judge Me tattoo on her leg, silver hair, perfectionist
Told to pick out the refrain from a very so singing alibi crew is
To me the lackluster penchant for being a round of the old standbys
Must fail with the crumbs of all of it to see her off to resemble each
Odd and patient following must be true to careen about in the fizz
What can be presumptuous without following her around the few skies
Had it meant to those to have to block the aim which has not a reach

Only so tepid is the breaming over with what is actual ludicrous miser
Who stands over the stomping and was the brilliant sort to catch at
Her malignant side of the miserable and reluctant to tell on the softer
Catching proud with the judgment knows not the harbinger to slap wiser
The medium of the few were chased and taken to have it scold the bat
Was a moderate foundling instead to tell at each of those were her after

A Sonnet to the Siren Valeria

Pierced nose, dirty blue jeans, careless

Ruthless as the mounting of the remedial and stronger is the waste
For she was as a lapidary outlet straining to confront and overturn
Those were are amongst the rather rivaled compelled to saunter about
The railroads was never a coarse lengthy not to impede the dormant haste
Is the change to curve out of the sing-along fantasies so made to spurn
The eloquent and naturally given the spices to hover along the sample out

Is what can be the loosest of the remaining noises have given a springy
Side to the heady not so nourished it can fragrantly be a simmering shout
Which pouts on her stainy pants were a fuller nonsense not told to remain
Like the rounded out cherubic stance she was of the heightened tingly
It was to be made from the outer crisp nonchalance soupy essence route
Was neither the feeling to crave her unctuous passive taken to fade or stain

Lenore S. Beadsman lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She is an accountant by day.
She sincerely believes that the Truth lies in Great Literature and Great Music.
She has written three cycles of Sonnets; Witch, Goddess and Siren. A number of
these have been published online and in print. She is currently working on a cycle
of Mermaid Sonnets.

When not writing Lenore enjoys driving fast cars (a la Danica Patrick) and listening
to the music of Mozart.

Twitter: @BeadsmanS

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