Three Poems by RC deWinter


slice from the pi of life

it’s snowing like hell
and the wind is a servant
straight from the palace
of the snow queen
that bitch
but i’ve plenty of wood
and four packs of smokes
a half-bottle of bourbon
and this morning’s coffee
sure the bathroom’s unheated
the bedroom a tomb
but the power’s still on
(but who knows for how long?)
still i sit in the dark
the lamp just expired
and there’s only the one
in this cavernous room
poets have been known
to finish it all
on evenings like this
but not i
tonight i will melt
into shadows and smoke
what more could a
poor matchgirl want?

the dress i left behind

once upon a fairy tale
i had a satin dress
it fit me like a second skin
glittering scales clung to every curve
stainedglass ripples falling past my waist
i felt so beautiful and free
a mermaid in the ocean of the world
i wish i had that dress today
i’d slip it on and swim away


i know i said i was done with you
that i’d never write about you again

but i keep thinking
if only i’d been able
to show you my heart

really show you

unzip my skin
and let you hold it
pulsing with everything
you aroused in me
that might have made a difference

words are frail things
and too often
i do not fit them properly to their purpose

you know what they say about pictures
and their power over words
so maybe
handing you my heart
so you could see and feel its reality
might have made a difference

because god knows
i could not say whatever it was
you needed to hear
it was like
trying to describe the sunset
to a blind man
and oh how blind you were
to the truth of what i felt

but then again
being who you are
you would have clapped
your great strong hands together
never giving a thought
to its shy delicacy
crushed it
that quivering thing
that once upon a time
held small treasures
offered only to you

i wonder

i know i said i was done with you
that i’d never write about you again
curse me for the weak vessel that i am
because still
i wonder

RC deWinter is a Connecticut writer/digital artist whose poetry has been anthologized in “New York City Haiku,” published by the New York Times, and in “Uno: A Poetry Anthology.” Her poetry has appeared in print in 2River View, Pink Panther Magazine, Another Sun, Plum Ruby Review, Garden Tripod, The Gall and in numerous online publications for two decades.

Her art has been published in print, online and also used as set décor on ABC-TV’s “Desperate Housewives.” She is proud to be the first digital artist invited to exhibit at the Arts of Tolland Gallery in Connecticut.


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