Three Poems by Yuan Changming



Few are really aware of
Such universes
Existing beyond our own

Even fewer of so many other versions
Of selfhood living
In each of them, let alone
This simple secret:

At the depth of consciousness
Lives a quantum
Or soul as we prefer to call it
A particle, demon and/or angel dancing

The same dance afar, far apart
In an entanglement

Avihs || Vishnu

Mornings || they disperse || beyond || the corn
Fields, || separately. ||Sunday
She || throws

Her partner’s computer || (midnight)
Into the garbage.|| George ||who
In many || a city || upgraded || his software

Upgraded || hers.
They will || stop over || an island
Separately.|| Your son

Hated || all || mushrooms
George mentions – do you recall || yourself?
To a single mind,|| their spirits || evaporate

Making Light of Darkness

in a world always half in darkness
your body may be soaked deep
in a nightmare, rotting

but your heart can roam
like a synchronous satellite
in His space, leaving
the long night far behind

as long as your heart flies fast
and high enough, you will live
forever in light

Yuan Changming currently edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan in Vancouver; credits include ten Pushcart nominations, the Naji Naaman’s Literary Prize 2018, Best of the Best Canadian Poetry, BestNewPoemsOnline, Threepenny Review and 1,469 others worldwide.

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