‘The Lich King’ and ‘Human’ by Alistair Forrester


the lich king

trimming hedged bets with
thermodynamic equilibrium
he muscles through memory
hoping for a cause to all his mischief

he finds himself, in those waking hours,
quivering for a cure
to his insatiable pain
his lust for more
when all was left was love.

tremble before him
oh king of kings
for all will kneel
this is his curse
the curse of standing tall
he will know all,
but that isn’t a prize-

soon, he will l I n g e r


and live in what he has wrought
cry out into the abyss

all that he has seen —




— “I am” .


Think of the Japanese puffer
That works 24 hours a day-
Sleepless, breathless,
7 days a week,
To build a beautiful painting
Of God’s eye
Ever glancing above
Knowing that only a mate awaits

After studying poesy (among other topics) under some great names in undergraduate, Alistair went on to serve as an AmeriCorps working on some mean streets to assuage a lack of affordable urban housing. He is currently attending a masters program for sociology in the Big Apple. He’s known for late nights of doing nothing, deep conversations that scare people away, and a few poems here or there (under another name, to keep you on your toes). Alistair thanks you for this opportunity to heard, and hopes you enjoy his literary work.

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