‘Pace-Maker Mary’ & ‘Meet Your Maker’ by Diane Moriarty


Pace-Maker Mary

He went looking for Pace-Maker Mary
and found her with Dollar Jane.
Who’s to blame?

She said it was none of his business
She said she’ll see whom she pleases
She said she was tired of men
and especially tired of geezers.

She said she wanted a new life
one without the Viagra.
It gave her the blues to be always in shoes that hurt her heels and sciatica.
That it was nice for a change to be the one with the game
the one who’s doing the chasing.
And if that don’t sit she don’t care a bit
now excuse me my Janey is waiting.

But he’ll wait forever for Pace-Maker Mary
however long it takes.
He’ll bide his time
until he finds
the thing that makes her tick.

Meet Your Maker

Sitting on the local waiting in the station then running and shouting a voice yells everybody
down we obey without question.
How strange to be in a group all faced in the same direction
the voice pulling like gravity first to bent knee then lying flat
all thinking that this is our last day on earth all obedient to a voice we cannot see
if this were church think how holy it would be.
The voice hollers roll under
we slide beneath the seats
the voice says here they come then high heels and oxfords stampeding everyone is screaming
everyone fears for their life while we pack arse to elbow are we trapped or are we safe?
It takes forever but finally they all run past.
Things are quiet we come up for air.
Cops have a man spread eagle and hold a gun to his head
they take him away and it’s over settle in, find your seat, sit down, laugh a bit.
I look down on the floor.
Size 12 white high heels and a pair of sunglasses
I heave a sigh of relief.
Here was a drag queen losing his faith

Diane Moriarty is a writer previously of the Art Access column in the Able Newspaper, she has also previously written, produced, and directed a 1993 film entry in the Anthology Film Archives in NYC, and most recently had an essay titled ” Wish You Weren’t Here” printed in the 2016 fall issue of Human Life Review.

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