Four Poems by Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya

art by Andrew Gustar

Wild Geese

Can’t force my expressions – either outward or inward;
can’t write on demand – or stop and go to sleep.

While seeking the answers
to life’s toughest question,
I’m sharing
my suffering and inspiration.

My friend and my reader,
– I’m sending you hugs,
treat my poems with patience
– and my behavior with love.

Almost Accepted

I have found the table
on which I sat and taught,
The voice of Adjunct Professor
I used a lot and forgot.

Lesson planning has taught me
to write and revise.
Lesson grading has taught me

In a national journal
My poem almost found a home.
I’m babbling and bragging,
Like a freshman after midterms.

Bilingual Стихи

Whats the problem? Whats the matter
Что, горит душа поэта?
Poems flow like river Styx,
И летят через миры.

Where will the poems go now
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Одноклассники, В Контакте
Где есть место им и нам?

Учим English, learning Русский
Щи и Buckwheat на закуску.
I scream ice cream на дессерт:
Поэтический обед.

Return to Narnia

In a tavern just beyond my reach,
there is laughter, and a faun
plays an ancient folk tune.

In the ancient castle, Reepechip
will greet me at the door,
I will play hide and seek with Lucy.

We will fight the Witch, will sail
on the Dawn Treader,
and will race time to be home.

I was there before. I know it.
Otherwise, why am I missing it?
Aslan! Aslan! Aslan!

Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya is a founder and facilitator of Bergen Poetry Workshop, an Administrative Assistant at Leonia United Methodist Church, and a blogger at She earned a Bachelors in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing from CUNY BA Program and a Master’s in Education from Hunter College. Yevgeniya’s poems were published in many journals, including First Literary Review-East, Time of Singing, and Soft Cartel. Yevgeniya hopes that her poems about suffering and healing will encourage people around the world.

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