‘Unperturbed vision #2: A vision of the world as seen by a young artist presented as a movie’ by Teddy Duncan Jr.

art by Rob Daurio

Introduction by the young artist:

“a movie is, literally, a series of images, and what one sees in a movie can really be taken, beyond its stammering or misleading dialogue, as the key to what the movie is actually involved in saying” – James Baldwin

/ My intention is not to present a narrative story that begins and ends like a perpetuated rumor or oral anecdote, rather, my intention is to present the world as it has been presented to me through the seen and the un-seen of my own vision. I do not feel it would be truthful to myself if I attempted to transcribe my thoughts/dreams/visions/sights/ideas/convictions and overall perceptions in any other form. Every thought my mind produces creates an indentation in the world in which I view, a shift in the camera angle of my own movie.

I do not believe a movie’s sole purpose is to simply walk the narrow passage of time shown within a conventional story. A movie, as I see it, is a consolidated culmination of ideas from all sources. This movie was produced to understand –no, to remember, that everything is endless in all directions, to remember that this void I occupy is a vast space of nothing that entails absolutely everything.

Some things can’t be explicitly said, these exhibitions of un-said things are art and art is the most I can ever conceivably strive for.

Words are undoubtedly capable of producing images, of constructing or orienting our immediate carnal reality, and if these word-images are conjoined or purposely oblique to one another, the actual inherent meaning within anything happening at any time, or outside of time, can finally be fully recognized.

These word-images presented sequentially make up the word-movie. /

Splintered rain tentatively peppers ground regardless of pastel heaven blue sky and shining sun…the greatest day rolls past like any other…little Lucy says she’s gonna walk home and gets hit by incoming traffic…

Sprouted phallus building hazy with new-morning fog/ leaning construction crane’s steel hooks hanging still against solid grey sky/ Birds twittering incomprehensible high pitched ballads to home-tree and to endless sky/ Deceased deer stiff as plastic-fake on side of semi-major roadway/ -I chain smoked like 9 cigarettes- /Woman thumbing for ride accompanied by a suitcase/ Moon stands solid as half-staff flag in day-time sky/ Jesus wasn’t white…

-i didn’t have no job and i wasn’t in school so i said fuck it i needed a check. its been two years it takes a long ass time for that shit. my lawyer’s name is peter orva, if you don’t believe me i got emails on my phone right now. so what i did i waited in the hedges watching the road just waiting then when the car came i walked right into the street and got fucked up and sorta rolled on the hood. the guy stopped and asked if i was good and i said ‘yeah’ and he dipped but i got his license plate and called the cops and i know its more fucked up for him but a hit and run is a bigger check than a regular hit so fuck it. my lawyer says imma get atleast 20 thousand plus. them fuckers all dirty. i took x rays and the lawyer said a vertebrae in my neck dislocated from it. but I feel fine. i think them dirty fucks doctored that shit. that shit was 2 years ago. that shit take so long. im finna get that money though fuck it. first thing imma do is take a picture in my new car-

Delicate rain droplets lightly easily floating downwards towards welcoming ground… Damp ground revealed by towering street lights…Procession of ants foraging for spilt soda… Dog (leashed by the neck) sniffing grass searching for a scent of himself… Car’s hood popped indicating concern, lights blinking hazard in left turning lane… Boys smoking marijuana in honda hotbox in driveway of mother’s home… Clutching rosary in wrinkled withered fingers mouthing some sacred prayer of self to…

//Harm to blood circulation start at by abuse and usurpations, the bank of justice is bankrupt. R.J Reynold Tobacco Co. upon the several and various operations of United States of America! Pleasure and pain, simple ideas. Products to adult consumers. Amount of oxygen for the activities of responsible retail to harmful effects of smoking. Who are alive today will die from the most highly regulated products. We’ve come to our nation’s capital to Desire. But when a long train of lung in very serious manner, the world is changing. We hold these truths to be self-evident, advertisements. Erectile dysfunction, lost productivity, preventable death. Refuse to believe that human body is very vulnerable that all men are created equal, and application any way to our senses. Native Americans, gay, straight, pursuing invariably the magazines, or on billboards, white, Hispanic, Asian, cigarette advertisements, the hope of a better day, and the pursuit of happiness is apt to cause or increase pleasure.//

Rain sharply cascading micro-clapping on car windshield– exhalation of tobacco smoke from quivering lips.

Cigarette (successfully) sparked in diagonal windblown rain thanks to deliberation and cupping of hands, thankfully inhaled and taken into system of various bodily functions.

Jaundice soggy stog sparked in light drizzle and brought to pursed lips.

Cancer stick dully smoking between index and middle finger as smoker stares at delicate droplets inexorably passing from sky unto ground, cancer stick lifted to mouth and smoke breathed in, and out.

Tat, tat, tat of rain against cotton/polyester hydrophobic fleece hoodie and face, flick, flick, flick of lighter attempting to produce flame, eventually succeeds despite grey-sky precipitation/ harsh, throat agitating, cough inducing, grey-blue smoke idly seeps from ephemeral lung homeland extradited to nearly-drawn mouth to (?) of the world — a refugee in an unknown land.

End cigarette addiction: eat cigarette butts.

A portrait of the young artist as seen through the bathroom mirror:

Small cheerio sized nipples, long lanky effeminate arms, boney shoulders, adams apple bulging through neck (strangely between two neck creases), red scarred pepperoni face from former mountain belts of acne, thin beak like nose with round bulb end, silver nose ring in left nostril, crème eyeball, brown iris, right eye incongruously more shut then the left, head-hair sitting on shoulders laying above nipples, tattoo of flower vase on chest (as meaningless as my tiny nipples), sickly-thin fingers, dirt beneath finger nails, long extended 2 month grown pinky nail on left hand, fragile thin wrists, 2 ½ inch flaccid penis barely visible through pubic beard, “#keepdancingorlando come out with pride” bracelet on right wrist, sallow sunken in face, pallid thighs meeting tan stomach, veins sticking out through forearm.

What imperceptible European influences contribute to my most subtle and notable gestures?

-I don’t fuck with him. I put his ass on blast, he called me a suicia so I told him, “You tryna holla at a tranny, but I’m a suicia”?-

(”sodomy is as old as the human species”- William S. Burroughs)

-There were cute-ass cops and I was wearing my belly shirt and tight pants so I told them “fuck the cops” straight up, and they, well one of them, said, “we can really make that happen”-

Boy smoking joint spits 13 consecutive times during smoking of said joint.

Road glazed with bulky construction truck’s exhaust/ scooter clacks along concrete segments of sidewalk separated by micro valleys devoid of concrete/ dog licks another dog’s dick then the recipient of the lick licks his own dick out of sheer curiosity/ -you’re horrible to me teddy- / an iridescent gleaming lowly filled glass of water on table reflecting ceiling fan and television/ God is not angry. (seen on sign in front of church)/ soul win (license plate)/ filled-in heart thoroughly painted red underside grey car-bridge, ever-rushing cars and their panting engines staggering towards some pre-determined destination below/

Seemingly endless expanse of well-manicured green grass rolling until trees or well-traveled semi-major roadway or calm pond involuntarily rippling to gusts of unintentional wind.

The tree doesn’t know the grass and the car doesn’t know the pond and the driver doesn’t know the pond or grass or wind or ripple or trees, incapable of accessing the impenetrable knowledge of nothing.

*Note to reader: everything within “//” is a cut-up of tobacco smoking facts and John Lockes’ essay on human understanding and Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech and Coca-Cola’s brand vision and R.J Reynold Tobacco Co.’s website on personal right and the unfair tax on cigarettes and Obama’s presidential victory speech and the Declaration of the United States of America. I used the cut-up method to say in 250 or so words what it would otherwise take 5,000 to say by omitting the order and grammatical inhibitions*

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