‘MMofG (Mary Mother of God)’ & ‘It’s a Girl’ by Amanda Aunspach

MMofG (Mary Mother of God)
MMofG (Mary Mother of God)
It's A Girl
It’s a Girl

Amanda Aunspach is a recent graduate from the School of Art at Ball State University.  She was the recipient of the Muncie Arts and Culture Council’s Award for Arts Advocacy in 2018.  Her current work explores the ways in which queer sexuality and feminine expressions of gender are regulated and exploited by main stream culture and feminism.  Her work aims to celebrate the areas of sexuality and romance that are often ignored and shamed.

The work being featured is meant to reflect the parts of drag culture that are often lost on straight society in the wake of drag becoming more main stream.  The drag scene has always been a place for the queer community to express their frustrations with the upper middle class of straight white citizens, who have systematically keep them down.  These photographs emphasize the socially critical aspects of drag culture rather than the purely entertaining ones.

Website: amandaaunspach.com

Instagram: @aartaamandaa


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