‘The Nature of Love’ & ‘Love and Art and Loneliness’ by Mara Wolf


The Nature of Love

Do you see the way the vine does twist
Slithering up buildings, devouring brick
Do you see the way the tree grows tall
The mess it’ll leave when it comes time to fall
Do you see the way the cactus does bloom
Its roots gone dry to supply for its womb
Do you see the way the mushroom will sprout
Devours the dead, devours the doubt

Do you remember the flowers on the side of the road
Tossed from a car, the story they told
Do you remember the cornfield that Fourth of July
A maze by October, where secrets would lie

It’s a fact that we live with, we all end up dead
But that doesn’t lessen the words that we said
Another relationship etched into stone
Another lost lover, fused to my bone

Remember my darling, these flowers will die
But I choose their beauty
Over wondering why.

Love and Art and Loneliness

They say the oldest profession is prostitution
That for as long as men have lived they’ve only wanted one thing
But I think we sketched art onto caves
And danced for the gods
And turned our grunts into words so we could create poetry
I think, the oldest profession is loneliness.
I think Gaia creates Gods, and Gods created Man and Man created Art all to try to fill some void.
I think God created Adam and thought he’d create another to try to ease his pain
I think Lilith realized loneliness can be another person
I think the demons she bares are born from this loneliness, so they whisper lies in the night to spread it because it’s the only love they know
I think God tried to hide it in an apple
But the Devil saw it there
Hidden beneath the surface, missing its name
I think maybe the Devil was an art lover
I think maybe Adam was boring
I sometimes think my loneliness is so strong it’s going to open a hole beneath me and swallow me whole
I think we all think that sometimes
I think loneliness is why people fall in love
I think love is why we exist
I think love and art and loneliness are often the same thing.

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