Three Poems by RC deWinter


Clichés for a Cliché

I see you
dancing, strutting in
your glad rags,
trying to
captivate me with your charm,
as it is.
You’ve got it down pat,
smooth, seamless,
with all the right words tripping
off your silver tongue.
But I’m a
tough customer who’s
been around
this block more
times than I care to admit.
I’ve met you before,
in other
places, other lives.
You’ll need a
new trick up
your sleeve to convince me you’re
worth undressing for.

hunger pains

life these days is no banquet
the cupboard hangs open
bare of all but salt for the wounds
the table a muckle of crumbs
of stale memories
floor littered with crusts
of experience smeared with the goosegrease of foolishness
don’t bother opening the fridge
i know it hides nothing
but rotting expectations
and sour dreams left too long
in storage
i wonder how long
it takes to starve to death

shutting up

if you knew
how you affect me

(i know you don’t
i haven’t shown you)

too many times has revelation
held me up a laughingstock
i remain silent

undressing the heart is freighted with intimacy
so often rejected for one reason or another
now i choose to be the one to receive revelation

i realize i could spend my life
in one mexican standoff after another
that’s a risk i’ll take

i’m through with confession
you’ll have to be the brave one now

RC deWinter is a Connecticut writer/digital artist whose poetry has been anthologized in “New York City Haiku,” published by the New York Times, and in “Uno: A Poetry Anthology.” Her poetry has appeared in print in 2River View, Pink Panther Magazine, Another Sun, Plum Ruby Review, Garden Tripod, The Gall and in numerous online publications for two decades. Her art has been published in print, online and also used as set décor on ABC-TV’s “Desperate Housewives.” She is proud to be the first digital artist invited to exhibit at the Arts of Tolland Gallery in Connecticut.


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