Three Poems by DC Miller



Before the empty tomb stood Mary Magdalen the
modern mystic FOR SALE

She asked a passerby

if you are the one who has carried him away tell me
where I don’t know where they put him


and they drifted through the checkpoints TRAILING

until they hit the water where they stopped and cried

and fucked and screamed their lungs out WHY

AM I ALIVE? For what? Cuts down your arm

APPLY TO BROKEN cross-eyed girls shot down LIKE

ROSES INSIDE nothing 30 seconds over NOWHERE

How many times? NOT EVEN THIS ONE Fucked-up

on stepped-on coke in Tampa fighting through Texas

Waco roswell TUSCON all the way to portland

Trading rumors like this one about this guy

who came from NOWHERE and got

NOWHERE all he had was good looks

and desires

like to be free Of my own name

this situation seen through zooms

you burst into hysterics and the universe exploded

into bloom


In 1917, or 2017, the Thing, the King, an entertainer
took the center of the stage

In this square in a red silk dress the people howled
With contempt Get lost Choked-up He said

I search for God I search Within myself for God FOR

For my sins Your Work rehearsed An exit THERE IS

My reason serves me as a path to which I’m drawn by
intuition ANYONE

This one For Nothing NO REPLY

and the transsexuals all sighed WE ARE IN A DESERT

And all the other guests are men and women like

who come and go and joke and laugh and you were
COUGHING BLOOD we went downtown

and talked until the morning

about mistakes in our creation

and the forces which have shaped the universe since
the birth of time

our fate You said the universe was like a clock which
wandered through the world like hell don’t tell don’t

Wait You were my best friend close your eyes if not

now when I’ll never see you here again


From one circle to another Another sucker mutters I
give up

I don’t remember 16 candles Don’t be cute Do you

Know what? The woman of my life NOT YOU

i saw your neck snap IS IT TRUE?

US COLLAPSED into the blue

Irradiated water GET FUCKED

Salem’s reckless daughter saw

your wrists break in the lonely wash


now I’m saying funny things

like Something will survive

FOREVER Atom bombs

Are falling like a feather

From the top of tall building

Whistling unconditional surrender

So much for never

All I want is you

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