‘Hurrying There’ & ‘Entirely Too Much’ by Tom Snarsky

sc july 18

Hurrying There

I had a diamond reader read my life
out loud by a fire to no one. She said
that all the fluorescent nonsense I’d made
wouldn’t last. I agreed and asked her her
opinion on crystals: what can matter
be when arranged, regularly, with care?

“If we could build a house with many rooms
that all looked approximately the same
I’m not convinced we would. Instead I think
we’d set fire to the foundation and sit
in the resulting pit to talk about
all that has happened in our history,
its self-similar twists and (re)turns—
and we’d make it glow, softly, like plankton.”

Entirely Too Much

I am sitting

in a dream

house full

of objects

tin prince

little spoon



& tree bark

lining the


times phil


call us


worms” bc

we are


shapes in

four di


I think

that’s true

& I am a

leaky worm

my five

hearts work

so hard to

love you

with a flesh

y sweetness

like rhubarb

& I want no

more than

for you

to pass yr



with me


for all

our days

which is

to say I

want en


too much

& just


Tom Snarsky teaches mathematics at Malden High School in Malden, Massachusetts, USA.


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