Three Poems by Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya

sc june 18

Inner Bitch

A promiscuous bitch,
jailed inside of me,
can never be free –
or there will be no me.

She was raw and hungry when I was younger,
But now she is a sophisticated provocateur,
whispering “more, more, more..
a dream is better than reality.”
By Grace, I have kept up my sanity.

I forgive her
and keep her
locked under key.
In Heaven,
we will both be free.


“When will you have a baby?”
“I’m working on it”, I reply with a smile.
People blush, and smile back.

In sweaty nights, gentle mornings,
passionate kisses and longings,
prayer like rain and “a little death”,
I’m Workin’!

In pills, shots and temperature tracking,
HSG tests and more n’ more fucking,
Painful laporoscopies,
Pricey IUIs, IVFs, FETs
I Am Working On It!

Wrapped Up Under a Christmas Tree

No boyfriends to pester, no partners to dance with,
No long term relationships until that Special Someone.
A friendship was given, slowly blooming into marriage,
Lovemaking was challenging first, then perfected.

No child appeared for years of toiling
– in love, sex and even IVF moneying.
Ha! to our parents
we became parents instead.

My mom always said,
“You can build a house with money – try building without.”
My sorrows will bloom into joys –
no doubt about it.

Yevgeniya is a poet, a Christian, and she does not shy away from talking about tough subjects in poetry or in life. Yevgeniya’s poems were published in many journals including Ancient Paths Online, Anti-Heroin Chick, First Literary Review-East (accepted for September 2018 issue), the Pangolin Review and Time of Singing. Yevgeniya works as Administrative Assistant at Leonia United Methodist Church and facilitates Bergen Poetry Workshop. She hopes that her poems of faith and frustration, suffering and healing will inspire people all over the world.  Follow her poetry blog at

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