‘Igneous Rock Structures’ by John Goodie

sc june 18

The Professor was describing intrusive igneous rock structures that formed underneath the Earth’s mantle. He called them “plutonic” after the god of the underworld, Pluto. I was drifting into a nodding state, barely keeping my lids opened.

I started to daydream and the word plutonic stuck in my head as platonic which took me back to a girl I knew long ago. She was insatiable sexually and I was ten years younger than her, so we were like bunnies for a couple of years — in the mornings, after work before dinner, after our guitar sessions and all weekend. She wore long flowing dresses with no panties. My access was unfettered.

But one day, she stopped telling me she loved me. So, I left. We remained friends for many years, but we never had sex again. It was only a platonic relationship to me. I kept my heart out of it and my dick.

As I mused about that relationship in my vivid daydream, the Professor dropped a book on the floor in front of me and my head snapped back straight. The class pealed with laughter.

All I could think of was Judy and how she would sit across from me playing acoustic guitar with her dress hiked up and legs spread. I could play all night pretending I was watching her fingers change chords.

My next dilemma was getting the thoughts of her sweet scent out of my head so I could walk straight when the class was over. I held my backpack in the front to cover the bulge and started thinking about intrusive igneous rock formations under the Earth’s mantle.

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