Three Poems by Karla Linn Merrifield

sc june 18

Last Rays

Not a cloud
not a cloud
not a cloud in the sky

but late-afternoon long shadows
unobstructed   freely trailing
an equinoctial tropical sun

upon courtship of white ibis
upon any-day-now fledgling bald eaglets
upon the swallowtail kite

upon male loggerhead shrike hunting
alone for grasshoppers and dragonflies
his mate pre-occupied     brooding

Fractal: Reimagining the Top Story for 10/8

Tumbling out of the Blogosphere
comes a fractal, the beating heart
found in Nature, its blinky-lights lighting
up laptop screen.

As on time’s trampoline, a ginko leaf
comes: this ineffably rebounding self
found in silence and the enlightenment
after tablet screen blips blank.

Artful somersaulting mathematics
comes, a throbbing brain
found in situ, skull beams illuminating
my smartphone screen.


ghostly tunes
from a ’55 Cadoo

speed and dizzy
mad bats

cult-figure punkdom

I’m a rumor
in my own brain

in my own time
I’m drunk on the moon

I find another
music man

like an oil painting
out there

a boozy leprechaun
nostalgia market

radiant, wiggy

on easy street

Karla Linn Merrifield, a nine-time Pushcart-Prize nominee and National Park Artist-in-Residence, has had 600+ poems appear in dozens of journals and anthologies. She has 12 books to her credit, the newest of which is Bunchberries, More Poems of Canada, a sequel to Godwit: Poems of Canada (FootHills), which received the Eiseman Award for Poetry. Forthcoming this fall is Psyche’s Scroll, a full-length poem, published by The Poetry Box Selects. She is assistant editor and poetry book reviewer for The Centrifugal Eye. Visit her blog, Vagabond Poet Redux, at Google her name to learn more; Tweet @LinnMerrifiel;


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