‘Knight’ & ‘Bass Beat’ by Marie Hendricks

sc june 18


It was brand new.
Those tired hands and droopy eyes
Had assembled it in the dim light last night.
I hadn’t been able to sleep.


It stood gleaming in the sunlight.
The silver stood out among the blue.
The whole contraption was like
This brilliantly ornate ride
Destined to take me to greatness.

My new bike.

How I couldn’t wait for all the adventures.
To ride through the asphalt hills and cracked concrete jungle.

The blue walls were my homestead
With the loving retired warriors known as my grandparents.
Their lives had been spent in that house far before
The time of my adventures.

The grass waved at me in the gentle breeze.
It was quiet out in the midday sun.
For once I could spend the day
Learning the pathways of the concrete.

Only to the sign and back.

Such terrible words to tell a young adventurer.
Crushes the hopes and dreams of exploring an
Unforgiving urban jungle.

No farther.

The spirit of former adventurers were fading away.
Ten feet was all that was allowed to my young soul.

What was the use?
How could I enjoy the breeze in my short hair
If I only made it ten feet.

It’s to keep you safe.

Safe my butt.
He was out to squash my spirit.
Crush my dreams of a far away land.

My glittering steed once so proud and noble
Now looked dull.

Go ahead. Go down the street.

There on the porch
Like a knight in shining silver armor
With a pot belly.

He came with an edict to override the adventure crusher.
To ride down the street and back
As many times as I wanted!

That day when he came out of retirement
The knight with the pot belly
Truly saved the day.


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