Three Poems by Sarah Tun

soft cartel may 2018


My sister hates me
ignores me and tells lies
but I let it go
because I know she feels


waves of
      ocean under sky
dim moonlight
       over water
       the sky
rim of starlight
         soft shades of comfort
         blankets the night watch
as I slumber.

Burger King

A corner
quiet relativity
pure beef
once a day

of food
luke warm

they do not know

No food
no drink
can feel
or quench

Only love
perfect love

First published at age 7, Sarah wrote two stories when sent out of the classroom for being naughty; the principal liked them so much she posted them in the office window. Sarah has written copious poems and novels, self-publishing one “Confronting the Darkness”, a sci fi fantasy especially for young people. One short story has appeared in Polar Expressions. Originally from Canada, she is a world traveller, has lived in 5 countries, and resides now in England. Further information can be found at

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