‘reclaiming what is mine’ & ‘indecipherable’ by Maribel C. Pagán

soft cartel may 2018

reclaiming what is mine

this rigid stone pathway is mine,
though hopeless abandon should be

where this wild heart lies and all that it holds—

but i give it up for this stone pathway i created.

the letting go is the hard part.
it always is, when stones are stable

and stay where they’re put—unbroken

shambles. yet this wild heart burns

and beats like those galloping horses,
this wild heart beats for the trees

and the rivers who make new paths.
it is to these woods i must escape to,

where my soul meets the earth
and wild means letting go.


notes on a stick she left upon the ocean floor.
seaweed clung to it, wrapped like a scroll.

wishes sealed in a language, an alphabet
indecipherable. the ancient precedes

within it. to discover, you must drop into
its black hole of music. sink before you swim.

die before you live. speak tongues. tread
through fire. hear echoes before you hear

its voice. jot your wishes upon the sand
and watch them melt away into the ocean.

Maribel C. Pagán is a Latina writer and poet. She has appeared in Gone Lawn, Foliate Oak, 7×20, Cuento, and others. She has received 4th Place in the Word Weaver Writing Contest, among other prestigious awards. Additionally, she is the Editor-in-Chief of Seshat, a Prose Reader for Apprehension, a Poetry Reader for Frontier Poetry, and a singer and musician for The Angelic Family Choir. Visit Maribel at http://therollinghills.wordpress.com/ or on Twitter @maribelauthor12.

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