‘Emmaline (A Good Dog)’ & ‘The Aging Actor’ by John S. Green

soft cartel may 2018

Emmaline (A Good Dog)

Who made your eyes so bright,
Inviting hearts to open
Like time-lapse flowers in some nature film
Flickering on an old fashioned movie screen?
Your joy fills me with the driving pulse of the Universe,
Calling me to run and play fetch with you in the yard,
Making me want to rear back my head and howl like a wolf.

Take me back to the pack,
To the heart of evolution
When your ancestors followed mine
From camp to camp,
Village to village,
Asking for nothing but left over scraps
And a pat on the head.


The aging actor arrives at the theatre early,
Roaming the stage, reciting his lines,
Praying to remember or at least have the courage to stay on track.
Past productions swirl about him –
Hamlet, Barefoot in the Park, Mother Courage.
So many characters,
So many lives,
So many fading butterflies fluttering towards the Sun.
“Who is it,” he asks “that played these roles,
That crawled inside the muscle and bone of these conflicted souls
Aching to live,
Longing to take flight,
Lifted on the wings of language
Imagined and perfected
By some wounded writer
Sitting alone in an empty room
Longing to be heard?”

John is an award-winning actor,  writer, and musician. His play, The Liquid Moon, won Chicago’s Jeff and After Dark Awards and was nominated for the Pulitzer. He won the Guild Complex: Leon Forrest Prose Award for his short story, The Me Zone. His poetry book, “Ordinary Light” represents a life-long search for peace in the middle of chaos.You can find it on Amazon or at Xlibris.com.

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