‘Aokigahara’ & ‘Bargain’ by Kevin Andersen

soft cartel may 2018


By Fuji’s foot the forest of the dead
Lies like a shadowy sea of trees
Locals speak its name with dread
A place where spirits find no peace

Trunks and branches crooked and dense
Blocks the breeze, light and sound
An isolation so intense
Your mind may slowly be spun around

And if the wind would find its way
You might swear that you would see
Hundreds of hopeless souls that stayed
Still swinging gently from the trees


When you lie down for the final sleep,
your soul is mine and mine to keep
We made a deal, you signed your name
in blood for fortune, wealth and fame

And now it’s time I came to collect
the bargain’s complete and I expect
you to hold up your end without any fuss
take my hand, let’s go – Hell’s waiting for us

Kevin lives in Aarhus, Denmark, where he works as an assistant editor for the publishing house ‘Snepryd’.

His work has previously appeared in The Pangolin Review, Jitter Press, Tanka Journal, Three Line Poetry, Poetry Quarterly and M Gasin.

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