‘The Girl Three Rows Ahead’ & ‘Across the Street’ by Wendy Lee Klenetsky

soft cartel april 2018

The Girl Three Rows Ahead

I never knew the little girl who sat three rows ahead,

’cause, even though I heard her laugh,

she never turned her head.

I don’t know why that little girl somehow caught my attention,

since other girls in class looked nice,

but didn’t rat a mention.

Her hair was curly on the sides. I could not see her face.

But what I saw from three rows back

looked very much in place.

I never saw the little girl who sat in front of me.

But what I saw from head to shoulders

looked as it should be.

I could not tell you if her eyes were hazel green or blue,

or if her eyebrows were so brown,

or if her freckles grew.

I could not tell you if, upon her forehead, she had bangs,

’cause she would be the first to leave

whenever the school bell rang.

But even though I didn’t know the girl three rows ,


it would’ve been nice to know about her;

other than just her head.

Should I have tapped her on the back, just to say “hello”?

Could we have become the best of friends?

…. I guess I’ll never know…

Across the Street

Across the street a little girl is playing ball with
(what I assume to be) her brother.
He doesn’t seem too thrilled with having to be her
playmate; he’s throwing the ball far
above her head, making it impossible
for her to catch it.
Across the street a dog is doing his “thing”,
much to the annoyance of the neighbors sitting
on a nearby stoop.
Across the street a new baby boy is being brought home
for the first time, surrounded by his loving
mom and dad; wrapped snuggly in his
soft blue blanket. (That’s how I deduced
that it is a boy baby.)
Across the street a man is clipping the hedges while
his wife is gingerly sprinkling water
on the roses and assorted flowers in
the garden.
All activities are being observed, unbeknownst
to those mentioned, through the slits
in my venetian blinds; not in a “spying”
manner, but rather in a curious manner.
I just wanted to silently get to know my neighbors,
and see if things are really more interesting
across the street than on my side of the tracks.
They’re not…

Wendy Lee is the 66-year-old wife (44 years) of a great guy, and mom of 2 fabulous girls (married 11 weeks apart in ’13). Until old age kicked in, Wendy Lee was a 20-year league bowler who scored a 259 clean/630 series. All that means is Wendy Lee was GREAT for 1 day out of 20 years!

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