‘Soulmates Journey’ & ‘Do you miss me?’ by Theresa Ford

soft cartel april 2018

Soulmates Journey


No signs of my beloved
on the face of the earth,
peace in dreams
a promise of worth.
A personal reflection
of how it should be,
not aware of the beauty
that still awaits me.


Along the garden wall
weeds tried to take love
and destroy the bloom.
Sunlight brightened the path
Your smile
caressing my bruised soul
like velvety fingers of mercy.
your wondrous blue eyes
coaxed me with everlasting
calm . . . and serene love.


I pull back my warm cozy covers
and tiptoe quietly toward the opaque glass portal
My eyes are drawn heavenward
For there suspended in the resplendent atmosphere of black cashmere,
is a mystical full moon that cast its soft azure light
The night shadows seem to gambol upon moonbeams
Upward, just past the tree line,
I am hypnotized by the ethereal vision
and as I gaze upon its foaming lambent beauty,
it seems to whisper to me,
“Come my love, gather your thoughts
your dreams, your burning desires
and meet me here.”


Do you miss me?

When evening clouds are painted with soft hues
and all the trees become dark silhouettes
against the purple skies, I think of you
and wonder how you live without regrets.

When night has passed and painted clouds disperse,
and skies are once again aflame with dawn,
do you regret your passion as a curse,
and wish somehow all thoughts of me were gone?

Or do you hold me still, as once you did,
inside your heart with tenderness and care …
and wish we could have shared the love we hid,
a love that you once promised to declare?

I see you with her every now and then,
the one who wears your ring and bore your child,
and wonder if you ever see me when
you look at her, recalling how we smiled,

and laughed and talked when we were all alone,
until the sun went down and you grew sad,
and gathered up your things to head for home.
My all was not enough, though all I had.

Truth be told,
when darkness fills the sky
and every morning when the dawn appears,
I think of you with longing while I cry
and wonder if you know the taste of tears.

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