‘just good enough’ & ‘the longing is sweeter than anything’ by Ramona L. Elke

soft cartel april 2018

just good enough

It is a good time to be mediocre –
all of the best are being recalled by the Muses
or the Gods to great gatherings
to save us all from ourselves and our great disasters.

We continue to inflict ourselves upon ourselves
and refuse to learn any better –
like stubborn children
or religious zealots.

I am relieved to be mediocre
and praise my half-whispering Muses
because their withholdings keeps me safe;
greatness these days is a death sentence.

I am happy to be just good enough.

the longing is sweeter than anything

I collect longing like wells collect wishes.
I would drown face down in it
for a taste of fulfillment.
Just a taste…not too much,
the longing is sweeter than the touch.

Ramona L. Elke is a poet, playwright, and a student of belly dance who pays her bills with her skills as a history teacher/substance use counselor/poetry teacher to defiant adolescents in a small-town, British Columbia high school.  She has been practicing her poetry writing since the tender age of six years, when she was first published as the runner up in a Mother’s Day poem contest.  She has been published in the 2016 and 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthologies.  She also has a collection titled The Reluctant Daughter available on amazon.com.

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