‘Walking in Destruction…Again’ by Ramona L. Elke

soft cartel april 2018

It’s a drag around day.
An: “I swear I had the energy a few moments ago but now it’s gone” kind of day.
A day where Frustration reigns supreme and Hope becomes the handmaiden of Despair.

It’s a “fuck all of you fucking morons,” kind of day.
A day when a torch and a sledgehammer would emblazon the flag of my nation
and the calls for freedom would be accompanied by sharp echoes of destruction:
an avalanche of collapsing concrete and shattering glass.

It’s a “well, that wasteland looks inviting,” kind of day.
A day when Solitude seduces me and the desire to punch people in their stupid faces sings so loudly through my sinews I can hear it ringing in my ears.

In a perfect world, where all of my roughness is smothered,
I wonder if I have any more “get up and go,” or if apathy hums to me until I fall, soundly to sleep.

Ramona L. Elke is a poet, playwright, and a student of belly dance who pays her bills with her skills as a history teacher/substance use counselor/poetry teacher to defiant adolescents in a small-town, British Columbia high school.  She has been practicing her poetry writing since the tender age of six years, when she was first published as the runner up in a Mother’s Day poem contest.  She has been published in the 2016 and 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthologies.  She also has a collection titled The Reluctant Daughter available on amazon.com.

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