‘Postmodernist Mass Shooter’ by iukinim


Close to nowhere
Waiting for our drinks
This limping whore
couldn’t serve any slower


We didn’t like the smell
Nor the gothic candles
Especially the obese owner
hiding in the backdoor inn
doing nothing
But fucking his wife and beating his daughters


The old drunken soldiers
swimming in a puddle of blood
They didn’t have any interesting stories
Raping eastern prostitutes
tripping on graves
Living surreal delusions
Celebrating lost Christian glory


The gypsy woman behind us
she sees the future
like her mother before her
surrounded by ghoulish women,
wrinkly and childless
she was a terrible liar
exorcising aborted toddlers

A retired king joined me for a drink
He was still in his attire
talking all noble
He once owned a castle
Kingdoms infesting the lands
I bet his past is parked outside
Now he’s another drunkard
empty and borderline schizophrenic
Couldn’t care less
I just wanted my gin
and the limping whore couldn’t serve any slower


The couple at the door
Acting on pleasures
Feels like a thorn in my throat
As witnessing joy made me bitter
Watching the duo felt like a plague
A disease running through my body
Stinging pain stabbing my ribcage


The crippled whore finally came
holding my bottle of sedation
Her breath reeked of unpleasant calamities
she probably dreamt of being an actress
Lights and fame dressing her body
But life gave her a bad hand
the glimmer in her eyes
that pathetic smile
Made my bowels twist around
Her road is paved in misery
She’s surviving personal apocalypses
Her face shows nothing but tragedy


I still admired the piano man
A ragged leather jacket
Playing his heart out
Bleeding on the notes
A broken yet hopeful box
Always playing day and night
The guards of the city
Shouting at the degradations
Waiting for the last song
He’s having too much fun
He’s been playing for too long



We all feared the guards
Calling different names
Striping you naked
Taking you underground
Asking vague questions
Where do you come from
Who are you
And why you are
Blind monsters
If we knew the answers
we wouldn’t be hiding this far

I hated this day
Witnessing this laughable crowd
Made me dream about burning the whole place down


These unsatisfying shells
Their fate hanged at the gates
I would’ve kicked them from heaven myself
If only I had the say

But in fact I loathed myself the most
My laughable state
I would’ve inflamed myself first
This pathetic I
Praying for the world’s demise
Was a well constructed lie

Suddenly all the faces looked identical
I had nobody to blame
They all looked the same as me
The gypsy
The king
The soldiers
The owner
The city guards
The couple
Even the crippled whore

We were all hiding away
In this tavern underground
Going further below
Starved from hope

Because underground
We were all the same
All is gone
No escapes
Misery and regrets
Forgotten mistakes
Hiding at the end of the world
This haunting life
We all clinged to this childish lie
As we gather around
And cheer in tears
Bad thought are gone
This war is won

I offered the crippled whore a drink
She looked very familiar
Her face shows nothing but tragedy



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