‘My Fault’ by iukinim


I don’t plan on coming tomorrow
Forgive me for bothering you
This fog of uncertainty
icing every particle in my bones


I know it may be sweet
Forgive me for ignoring you
But I can’t think about tomorrow
It’s unknown nature
Imprisoned me alone


I was once ready for tomorrow
Forgive me for leaving you
These lasting worries
Entangled in lovecraftian fears

I eagerly waited for tomorrow
Now that it’s here
I feel a bitter taste
A black foreign tea


I heard it’s certainly coming
This losing battle
Dust inhabiting the floor
I still have nothing to sweep


I once lived tomorrow
It wasn’t as expected
It wasn’t as sweet


I know I will be sleeping
Tomorrow, on a different bed
In colorless sheets

I thought it would be brighter
But I have become incapacitated
Like wooden trees

I hope you understand
It’s pushing against my nature
I have no power
I am not whom I wanted to be

Tomorrow wasn’t as planned
I didn’t mean to hurt you
Amputate these bloody hands


I witnessed you choking
On left over treats
Was a sad melody
That you couldn’t feel

Forgive me for escaping
You’re not who they want
It’s the murderous pig
Trying to break free


I fostered this ghost
In a cabin named tragedy
Protect him from tomorrow
Horrors he couldn’t see


In my head
Was a sinking ship
Sails are tearing
Lost in the dead sea

There was a kind man
Ridden by fear
Is that how he felt?
St. Augustine



I want to stay in today
Forgive me for scaring you
I am not asking for much
I hope we never meet


I am sorry for abandoning you
Words are decomposing
Forgive me for writing this
I just think you should leave

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