‘Today Walking’ by Wyatt Martin

photo by Wyatt Martin

I can be lonely for long periods of time
I can walk into a building have it all change on a dime

There is a river flooding, running through my mind
My heart skipped a few beats up to a very steep incline

There’s a movie playing, certain scenes are on rewind
You show me yours I’ll show you mine all in time

We will leave it up to chance, at least it will be kind
We would cash out in advance, but we don’t wanna wait in line

To you I’m walking out of a dream To me your saving time
Today well go out walking, cuz we both got an axe to grind

But mine will be too broken, too broken to be fixed
You will be outspoken, outstretched into a fist

Of course I will not listen, I don’t even possess a wish
You will tell me the answer and I will simply process a glitch

Then you will turn off as if your god had flipped a switch
you better just burn off all this dreamin’ to a mist

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