‘Dream Ending’ & ‘Lipstick Car Wreck’ by Wyatt Martin

b/w 35mm – photo by Wyatt Martin

Dream Ending

Humility is Endless

Maybe I woke up so I would keep dreaming
So I wouldn’t have to see the dream complete
I could keep on not seeing how the movie ends

When I left you for the last time
I dreamed for days straight into weeks, months, years

There is nothing moreover
Than waking up


Lipstick Car Wreck

Lipstick Car Wreck
Finally alone, you open your coat in the snow
Revealing the soft hum of pilot light
Living, walking to the water’s edge
To pray for river’s cleanse
the water is polluted with reflection
So run, you always do, into an idle
car on the street outside
Of where you need to be, you’ve circled around
3 times already (you’re not getting any more inside)
drive, flood down the avenue to the last bridge
Left erect from burned out comings-alive
switch, from automatic to manual
Stop self-correcting let it careen
A smile like wreckage smears across your face

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