‘Time is Worth’ by Wyatt Martin

Photo by Wyatt Martin

I know, I said I would take a vacation
I know, I said I would go back to working
You know, You said you would go out dancing
You know, You stayed home, Your head was hurting

Weighing the odds yes now it’s in both our hands
Wondering just what our time is worth
Playing the cards yes now its from both our decks
Wondering when it’s the dealers turn

Wake up, don’t say good morning
All the bees get a buzz to work
When they Get back in the evening
They’re Heads bent all out of sorts

Weighing the odds yes now in its both their hands
Wondering what their time’s worth
Now, choppin it up with the bossman
Son you must understand what your time is worth

Daughters crunching the numbers on their records
Wondrin’ what the hours are for
Sisters calling in sick, calling collect
Much more than before

Maybe when I wake up next morning
I won’t have forgotten my dreams
Until then, Empty notebook next to me
It’s been a hard year for remembering

[I’ve got a problem My eyes only see normally
I’ve got a problem My eyes only see what their supposed to see]

Now I’ve gotta swallow a whole lot more snow, just to stay thirsty in the cold
Now I’ve gotta borrow a lot more rope, I keep burning it to coals

I’ve gotta follow, oh, just one more hope, before it turns into a rose
I’ve gotta know, so,
I’ve gotta go

I came across the prodigal sons throwing stones in a crowd,
If it’s about death I told em’ don’t be slow about it
As for the two men, listening to them was really quite a task
One was a thief, the other hadn’t lost a thing

Hunchback of Notre Dame, thought all along
Thought all along You were carrying something
You shut your gates right before your city could escape
A long time ago, but every friend is good for something

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