Two Prose Poems by Nooks Krannie


in / and around old montreal

wooden. painted soft swing set, i cushioned my behind to devour crisp animals. the large window spoke of a cold parking meter and i face the notre-dame. a girl with one sleeve sweater jumps in front and motions for my mouth, dripping with outer layer of skin and lard. i’m shocked at the tight gulp in her throat, protruding, sucking the veins to a russet / in nude. her face is a maroon five pixel. i leave an extra 60 cents on a napkin for a by far superior chimichurri.

on a colder afternoon, the sun left without a high, i’m jumping on broken stones and flowers grow on my head. i touch them and i can feel the cozy holes meant to spread warmth to body. my first espresso made me a liar when i smiled and tasted dirt for money.

my hair grows in charcoals of swede and hollow mice. i wash out my face in automatic flash with an option to print later. a sheer woman from tunisia cuts my hair, she asks me my history in my mother’s tongue and i have nothing of it.

best poutine in best ceramic, says brown / pink / red / white man. je suis perdu. snow is the best season in best places, says the mannequin of foam and a cat’s name. je suis perdu. is the best place for help and transport of live bodies. 12am wig shopping next to lozeau. i buy double yellow irises for every commute, nothing is strange or you in a home like place.


u know world is shit when people don’t return frm hell

i watered my first plant when i broke my mother’s trust. she said never go
to vegas. my thighs are bigger than otc drugs needed for a stable vagina. i’m
sweet in crisis. my best friend got married nd i said bro sleep is a luxury for
out of control bad pool water. i’m fitting in a wasted minute for creeping up
i feel shame every time i need to ask something.


Nooks Krannie is a Palestinian/Persian female writer from Montreal, Canada. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks, “I have hard feelings & I wish I could quit chocolate” (Moloko House Press, 2016) and “candied pussy” (Thistlemilk Press, 2017). Insta: @nookskrannie

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