‘bios’ by iukinim


Won’t someone split the world over my head?
I want to sink in ruins

This city won’t stop raining
All the colourless faces
Bathed in shame

The fading hopes
The aching loneliness
The giant buildings
Are the ones to blame

We kept trying
Whispering to each other.

The tasteless fantasy.
Dying, leaving this gray city behind.
Struggling whispers
Scattering randomly

I am drained
I will hear no more

Screams are worthless
A rain of needles
Puncturing my head.

Won’t someone pluck my wings?
I don’t want to fly anymore

the distant cracking voice
Of a dying world
Beautifully painted
In fallen feathers

Tales of departed men
On a shipwreck of dreams

Fragments from the past
A mother’s lost memories
Dreaming of a quiet home
Far from the deafening cries

This city has no field
Only cripples and holes

The soulless street-lights
These boisterous machines
The large caving houses
The tedious lies
Piercing through my ears

The breadwinners
They look all the same
Feeble bastards
Their stench of metal
Choking me alive

Won’t you please burn this city?
I don’t like it anymore

The rooftop of a skyscraper
Heartless and cruel
Sieged by debris

It’s always winter in the city
All leaves die
Birds desperately fly away
Leaving nothing behind
But a lifeless scenery of pity

Too many saints buried below this land
Forgotten names.
Sacrifices for Industrial misery.

I am certainly fading
It feels like drowning

Its voracious mechanical nature
The city will spare nobody
All will be forgotten
traces won’t be left behind

Would you please bury me outside the city?
I never liked it here in the first place

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