I don’t fuck with ‘good’ people anymore

I trusted you
you seemed to know yr own evil
like I felt I knew mine
yes, Elizabeth, with all my love nd jealousy
I will miss you
if you die

with all of my love:

with all of my love:
a dozen black roses
on yr grave

but with all my jealousy:
every other grl comes to mind:
a sack of grain at the gravesite
a ward against the undead:
they say that vampires will be caught in a spell
at the sight of the omen
counting, endlessly, obsessively,
each grain

“relationship is exchange,” you say
I can’t afford everything,
I can’t afford anything

would you read?
if I wrote you a book
of pressed flowers?

Scenester 2

You can be everyone’s friend and no one will respect you

we think opening up is stupid

That the extrovert risks less, hurts less
We think extroversion is a lack of impulse control

I listen closely with a clenched fist

you want me to shut up

I can only get louder



I hope I see you Christine, I hope I see you on first Street in our village just near the train tracks I don’t carry a knife but I don’t think it’ll be a problem, I need a knife, okay I have a knife this time, I want to strip you naked buttons and zippers torn apart by my bare hands the sounds of torn clothes as loud as your screams drag your fat body to the middle of the four way stop in heavy traffic while the lights are red I want to be seen I want to be seen by as many people as possible nd knife your face nd tiny little tits out screams deep nd then whimpering w the fatigue of a pierced lung nd cuddling gurgles of spitting blood to the song of the cops coming won’t stop until they drag me off the body, hopefully still alive enough, bleeding


not a moralist by any means
but I think I’m in love with the art of vegans who despise drugs

My heros would hate my life.
Sometimes I want to call everyone by their appropriate racial slur.



Life hurts less as a practiced amnesiac
people will hurt you over n over n over


Amy Anne is a 24 year old queer anarcho feminist from San Francisco, CA.
She’s only online to announce publication: @amyamyanneanne
Makes friends with people you’d hate.

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