‘Voyeurism’ by Ben Sixsmith




What are the chances?

It’s Samantha, isn’t it?

Yeah, we were at school together. Mrs Packman’s class. You sat in front of me. You had blonde pigtails.

What are the chances?

So, what brings you here?

“Nasty Slut Taught A Lesson”.

Christ, Samantha.

Did somebody write these lines or did you make them up yourself?

How did you get here?

Was it drugs? You tried weed. You tried cocaine. You tried crack. You ran out of money. It was this or prostitution.

Or maybe you like it. You want to make daddy mad. Or you’re an addict. You can’t get enough of this.

Jesus, Samantha.

Have you had a kid? You look kind of older. Not just older. Old. You’re trying to look young but it’s obvious that you’re not.

Good body, though.

Are you enjoying this? It looks kind of painful. It must be embarrassing that anyone can see it. But perhaps you’re into that. Maybe it’s your kink. I don’t really understand it but that’s your business I guess.

Look at you. What did you do after you finished here? Did they have a shower or did you travel home like this? All wet and stuff. Do you have a boyfriend? Do you tell him?

Does anyone want you?


Darren isn’t?

What are the chances?

Yes, we were at school together. You had more hair then.

So, what brings you here?

You were searching for something innocent and I popped up?

Or you’re into this.

You must be into this. I mean, it’s not just porn. No, this is nasty stuff. Niche.

How long were been sitting there? One hour? Two? Three? And how often do you do this? Once a week? Twice a week? Every day?

You look funny.

Has anyone ever caught you?

Are you single? Do you have a girlfriend? Does she know what you’re doing?

Why do you watch this? Do you have nothing better?

Does it feel good?

What are your goals, Darren? How are you getting there? No, I never dreamed of doing this but at least I’m getting paid. At least I can save up and do something.

I can.

I can.

Do you think your mum would be prouder than mine if they saw this? What did she teach you about women?

Are you going or are you going to watch another film? How do know you’ve had enough? Do you ever have enough?

I remember falling over in school. You helped me up. Imagined if we’d started talking. We could have been married now.


Ben Sixsmith is an English writer based in Poland. His stories and poems have been published by Every Day Fiction, Flash Fiction Magazine, 365 Tomorrows and Det Poetiske Bureau. His essays have been published by Quillette and Areo. He tweets @bdsixsmith

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