Nine Poems by Abby Kahn



Soft and melancholy,
With the grace of a child
Its limbs scattered past my reflection
Pitter pattering along the edge of silence
A measly break for another drought
I will wait until it comes again, and again,
And again

‘Pancakes at Grandmas’

There’s syrup on the floor
It trapped me in it’s web
I know it’s maple because my joints ache
I’ve been here since last tuesday

‘Luna Friend’

Moths chew at my eyelids
My ears have become too warm for them
I like having company

‘A Rose Is A Rose Is A Pen’

The last time I cried at an empty diner was Tuesday
My waitresses name was Wendy
She had coral lipstick on her teeth
I didn’t bother to tell her
I was handed a rose to sign my paycheck

‘Break The Mirror’

Porcelain is your dream of me but I am recycled cement
Twigs dance around my spine
Tracing dragonflies corpses near my cheek
Dandelions are my sunshine and coffee my moonlight
Without these things I would be a shattered mirror
Filled with my first breath

‘Your Life As You Know It’

The screws have worn off
And the tape is coming undone
I am now a hollow shell of scaffolding

‘Last Sermon’

I keep finding crystals in my nose
They don’t belong to me
But to the people who used to live in this body


The flashlight in my stomach won’t turn off
It’s become embarrassing to go outside
The batteries have been dead for months

‘Part Two Eulogy’

Maggots dance around my toes
Sometimes leaves grow there
Sometimes thorns
A thousand paper clips hold me together

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