Three Poems by Belle Valentine


What My Season’s Greetings Hold in Promise

In my core seats honey
Drank from a glass handed to me
On that sprayed stool, sitting pretty
If I had grabbed for more,
Would it have settled in so nicely?
Swivel room stopped short,
I gave my low gaze gently to the branches
And realized for you,
That flushed recollection was fanciful
“I’m happy to just have you here.
Why not enjoy the moment?”
In what way then would I work my words,
If not for in sealed envelope?
“Don’t worry so much…
Just relax and lay here for a bit.”
Our bodies ironed warmly to the bed
Left my heart safe to wander towards the winter
A Christmas card, I thought wishfully



Autumn auspice daunting from the ash
Remained cradling teacup so quakes couldn’t take it
Two of them now, tearing through the trees
‘Is it a bad omen?’ I asked
When morning was eclipsed by the flock
But the bird in confinement had been pensive
His warm sable feathers seemed inviting
Slipping my fingers through the slits of the cage
He kissed them and sighed
‘When the time comes, you have nothing to fear
In the eye of the storm or the beholder
Focus fixed on you is a blessing, not a curse’


Stash house

When I could roam the city, the tracks would take me
Down to the stash house
With the rusted tin hinged on its edging
The radiation warded my roguery
So I always found another way around
Only till a party would flank me could I muster my strength
We dressed in the grounds’ gray mud,
Slipped soundlessly beneath the stakes,
And left no monument undocumented
Seconds and minutes passed
The spores ignited our hearts and our brains
I forged a blunt weapon in the fire of my blitz
Bashing the chamber, more and more!
Anything inside could be mine, would be
Erupted by the clash of cold metal colliding with my molten arm
And just like that, we split
Panicked scratch of a hurried drag out the compound
My divided party stood against the keeper of this place
Waned, I exhaled its sick air

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