‘Infernum’ by iukinim


I beseech your forgiveness
Anemic cartilages
Roaming your holy land


Ailing fools
Plaguing your pearly gates


Staining pure glass
With nefarious glares

Unwated in the bosom
Undesirable in Elysium

Sick, grotesque, frail
As they feast on grace
Wandering with no destination

In a wretched bottomless pit
Helpless yet adhesive
Wallowing in their indigenous creation

Disheveled shadows
Butchering their infants
Who are micturating tears

Will be none
Wistfully they will not cease

Oh Father
Witness our hand-crafted misery
Where benevolence is a disease

These feral beasts
thirsting for fabricated divinity

Rotten omnivores
Fasting at no time
Gluttonous in perpetuum

I plea for departure
I beg for salvation
Deliverance from this infernum

Thus father you shall see
Thus father you shall hear

This spectacle which we created
Will fluster Satan
Force him to relinquish in defeat

This gala of filth is blooming
An everlasting contest of deceit
Where the victor is doomed

And Forgive me father
We must breed

As hell is a garden
for every plant
There is a seed.


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