‘Serpents’ by Samuel Stevens


Talks to women like a woman, lying. The Snake had a lisp when he told Eve to take the Fruit.

Wants to crawl into her, never will, content to squirm around, eat up her leavings.

Yes he says. He enjoys the girl telling him her boy friend is playing video games too often and they do not even sleep together.

The snake gets excited because he likes thinking she fucks even though she’s too busy for it. But she’s like his favorite porn performers. The performers were so talented and dignified.

They are all whores his other snake friends say. They are always fucking when your back is turned the snakes say through the glow of their mirrors and all they talk about is Eve fucking.

In the garden across town she is staring at herself in the mirror while Adam does the same thing in the other room and sometimes he covers himself and they get on top of each other and rub together. They strain and the room is cold even though the lights are on. They stop their flailing and go back to the mirrors and drift off. They do not go anywhere when they sleep.

In the morning the snake squirms in the afterbirth.

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